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Atomizers Clearomizers and Cartomizers


electronic cigarette atomizer electronic cigarette atomizer

Atomizers are the part of the clearomizer or cartomizer that heats the e-liquid that creates vapour. Atomizers can be separate from the cartridge (the part that holds the e-liquid) the battery heats the filament on the atomizer the cartridge releases e-liquid to the atomizer and the heat turns the e-liquid into a vapour which you inhale. The image on the left is of an atomizer. The atomizer would be screwed onto the battery and the cover would then go over the atomizer a cartridge would then be pushed through the cover until you hear the cartridge click onto the atomizer ( the sharp point at the top ) this means that your cartridge has now been pierced so the e-liquid can now drip into the atomizer. Atomizers are a perishable product they will need replacing, expected an e-cigarette atomizer to last upto three months this may not be the case if you burn the atomizer dry as this will damage it just like boiling a kettle dry the heater filament will break.


electronic cigarette cartridges electronic cigarette cartridges

Electronic cigarette cartridges can be refilled however the plastic can weaken after a time which means that it will not seal correctly onto the atomizer, this will cause the cartridge to leak e-liquid. You can buy cartridges pre filled with various e-liquid flavours or alternatively fill them yourself with e-liquid. You cannot put a time span on how long a cartridge will last but it is adviseable to replace them often to avoid leakage. To refill them the simplest way is to put the spout on the e-liquid bottle into the hole which has been created by the atomizer and simply fill it that way. As I stated previously check that the plastic is not worn out otherwise it will leak and you will waste your e-liquid.


cartridge for e-cigarettes Cartomizer for e-cigarettes

A Cartomizer is a cartridge and a atomizer all in one, they can be refilled please see the video below for advice on how to refill your electronic cigarette cartomizer. Both the cartridge and the atomizer are sealed as one so they are less likely to leak as it is a sealed unit. Cartomizers can come in different colours and with different e-liquid flavours and nictotine strengths. The image shown on the left is of a cartomizer they usually come in packs of five, there are various sizes obviously the larger the cartomizer the more e-liquid it will hold they can range from holding 0.9ml of e-liquid upto nearly 4ml of e-liquid. The video below is not made by Atomize but shows a superb way to refill your Cartomizer from Doctor Vapor USA


Clearomizers are the same as Cartomizers but they are clear so you can see how much e-liquid is left, these are sealed units with the atomizer and cartridge all in one. Clearomizers do not come pre filled so you have to fill it yourself the video below shows you how to do this. There are various types of clearomizers and they seem to be getting more popular due to the fact that you can see how much e-liquid you have left. The Clearomizers also come in different sizes holding 1ml of e-liquid upto 4ml, the image on the left is of a CE4 clearmizer which holds 1.6ml of e-liquid. A clearomizer should last upto 3 months but again this depends on how well you have look after it, you will find tricks and tips for cleaning your clearomizer on youtube.

Which one is for me

Atomizers, cartridges, cartomizers and clearomizers which one is for you, I do not think anyone can give you the answer it is down to personal taste what you prefer and how it vapes. It is all about finding the e-liquid flavour you like and putting it together with the atomizer you prefer. Certain cartomizers or clearomizers make your e-liquid taste stronger or create more vaper than others as they will release more liquid to the atomizer and if the atomizer turns the e-liquid into vapour quicker by burning hotter you should get a bigger hit. The battery you have on your cartomizer or clearomizer will also make a difference as the stronger the voltage the hotter the filament will glow on your atomizer. Please see the Battery page for more information

100% Guaranteed

stop smoking 100% guarantee Quit smoking guaranteed

We are so confident that you will cut down on cigarettes or quit, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if you do not like the product simply return it with in 7 days with proof of purchase and we shall refund you in full.  

21 Day Warranty

warranty e-cigarette kit E-cigarette warranty

Our products are quality and nothing should go wrong, but if it does simply return the faulty part to us and we shall replace it with a brand new one. Be it a battery or an atomizer

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